Probation & Parole database…

29 07 2010

…updated as of the second week of July.  Search your zip code to find probationers and parolees in your neighborhood, which crimes were committed, and more!

Same UTA records policy, for now

21 07 2010

Changes to the unpopular policy, which currently require record-hungry citizens who are denied access to records to navigate three internal layers of appeal, could remain unchanged through September.

Grand County School District

21 07 2010

33 of the top 50 earners at Grand County School District are teachers.  Search and browse this database, updated this morning, at

Salaries for city of Washington…

21 07 2010

…updated on this morning.

Public Safety, Public Works and Community Center make up the largest departments, accounting for over half of the city’s payroll.

Duchesne County Public Salaries

16 07 2010

Updated this afternoon–Duchesne County public salaries.

The 50 highest paid county employees earned $2.5 million in 2009.

Garfield County Public Salaries

16 07 2010

Garfield County public salaries have been updated on this morning.

The county compensated over 100 employees and elected officials a total of nearly $3 million in 2009.  The county’s largest departments (sheriff & jail) combined for approximately $1 million in earnings, or one-third of the county’s total.

Public Salaries update

15 07 2010

Just updated the Public Salaries database on for the city of American Fork.  The chief of police topped the list as the highest paid American Fork city employee in 2009.  View other city salaries, or search over 200,000 other public salaries for state, county, higher ed. and more at

New foreclosure database

15 07 2010 added a new foreclosure database offering quarterly totals on three kinds of filings in Utah’s non-judicial foreclosure process: notices of default (NODs), notices of trustee sales (NTSs) and properties listed as real-estate owned (REOs). Users also can access foreclosure maps for select Utah counties.

Divorce Records

15 07 2010 has posted updated divorce records for the entire state of Utah.  Filings out of Salt Lake City and Provo make up 50% of the total filings statewide.  Search or browse the database at