Hiring and wage freezes starting to thaw for Davis cities

30 09 2010

In seven Davis County municipalities, city managers receive six-figure salaries and top the list in terms of employee pay, according to a story in The Salt Lake Tribune http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/neighborhood/daviscounty/50364580-123/pay-manager-received-employees.html.csp?

Is the city manager the highest paid employee in your city? Search or browse over 220,000 public salary records at http://utahsright.com/h_salaries.php to see how your tax dollars are being spent on employee compensation.

More layoffs expected in SLC

30 09 2010

Approximately 40 more city employees will lose their jobs in the latest round of Salt Lake City layoffs, following the July 1, 2010 elimination of 75 city positions as part of Mayor Ralph Becker’s fiscal 2011 budget. Read more from The Salt Lake Tribune: http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/home/50388600-76/airport-becker-budget-complete.html.csp
Search the Salt Lake City public salaries database at http://utahsright.com/h_salaries.php

DUI convictions climbing in Summit County

16 09 2010

Drunk and impaired driving convictions have been on the rise in Summit County since 2007, when the court reported 151 DUI or alcohol-related convictions, according to records drawn from Summit County Justice Court.
Convictions increased by 42 percent in 2008, with 215 total convictions. 2009 saw a 5 percent increase. Go to http://utahsright.com/h_dui.php? to search updated DUI charges for Summit County.

Anti-depressant Use in Utah

15 09 2010

Contrary to stereotypes that anti-depressant usage is highest in Utah County, data released by the state Department of Health shows top rates are in some areas in northern Utah–Roy, Hooper, Riverdale, Brigham City–where as many as one-fifth of insured women were on anti-depressants last year. Search for anti-depressant usage rates in your area at http://extras.sltrib.com/antidepressant_use

AP, SAT, PSAT Results for Utah High Schools

15 09 2010

Across Utah, 17,210 Utah students took Advanced Placement tests last school year, five percent more kids compared with the year before. A total of 67 percent passed. Search for your high school’s AP results, as well as results for Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SATs) and Preliminary SATs (PSATs), at http://extras.sltrib.com/advanced_testing

SLC DUI database updated

14 09 2010

UtahsRight.com updated DUI records out of Salt Lake City Justice Court this afternoon at http://utahsright.com/h_dui.php?

Vehicle information is not included in the online search, but analysis of available automobile data shows the most common automobile’s cited for DUI or impaired driving. Here’s the list:

  • 64 FORD
  • 56 HONDA
  • 44 TOYOTA
  • 35 JEEP
  • 34 NISSAN
  • 25 DODGE
  • 24 PONTIAC
  • 20 VOLKSW
  • 17 MAZDA
  • 17 SUBARU
  • (Approximately 7% of the DUI database included some kind of vehicle information. 93% had no vehicle information listed).

    Oil and Gas Incident database

    7 09 2010

    Nearly three months have passed since the Red Butte oil spill in June, and crews have recovered approximately 610 barrels of the 800 spilled, according to today’s story in The Salt Lake Tribune.

  • To search a database of oil and gas incidents in Utah back to 2006, go to http://extras.sltrib.com/oil_and_gas/