More layoffs expected in SLC

30 09 2010

Approximately 40 more city employees will lose their jobs in the latest round of Salt Lake City layoffs, following the July 1, 2010 elimination of 75 city positions as part of Mayor Ralph Becker’s fiscal 2011 budget. Read more from The Salt Lake Tribune:
Search the Salt Lake City public salaries database at



3 responses

11 12 2011

There are some cities that will not layoff anyone. For example look at the number of building inspectors in some cities, now compared to the number during the building boom. Some cities are also extremely top heavy. Creating positions at the top at the expense of the front line employees. It would be interesting to compare the number of supervisors from one city to another, and how many people they are over. Such as West Valley to Salt Lake to Layton.

11 12 2011

How about compare what mayors and city councils make from one city to another. What other benefits do they receive, health care, take home car….

19 12 2011

HI Dave,
An analysis on that will hopefully be on the horizon in the coming months. Because salary data for cities has not been received for every city yet, it’s difficult to do comparisons when the information isn’t complete. Once we get the information from the remaining cities, we can do more analysis on it. Thanks for commenting!

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