New Salary Data

22 12 2010

The State of Utah salary database has been updated to reflect earnings, benefits and additional compensation for the 2009-2010 fiscal year. Use the name search, or browse the entire database by selecting “State of Utah” from the browse-by dropdown menu.

Missing Utahns

6 12 2010

With the anniversary of the high-profile disappearance of Susan Powell, Utah’s Right is launching a database of all missing Utahns, as reported to the state Bureau of Criminal Identification. Search by name or mugshot for details on scores of disappearances throughout the state.

Oil Spill, Part 2

2 12 2010

For the second time in six months, Chevron workers had to temporarily close a pipeline that released over 100 barrels of crude near Red Butte Creek late Wednesday, as reported by The Salt Lake Tribune
More data on statewide oil & gas incidents can be found on the Tribune’s oil/gas incident database