Home Prices Along Wasatch Front

26 04 2011

Although the real estate market along the Wasatch Front is showing signs of improvement since the first quarter of 2009, home sales and prices still remain below last year’s levels, according to today’s article in The Salt Lake Tribune [ http://bit.ly/hbQvM8 ]. Find data for home sales and prices by city/zip code here: http://bit.ly/bwiER5

GRAMA Group, Subcommittees Meet Tomorrow

26 04 2011

Last week Lane Beattie, GRAMA Working Group Chairman, proposed four topics to be discussed by sub-committees at the next GRAMA Working Group meeting. Read more about these topics here: http://www.gramarevisited.com/category/discussion. The group will meet Wednesday, April 27 at 9 a.m. Listen/watch live stream here: http://www.gramarevisited.com/category/live-stream

Charter School Salaries

26 04 2011

UtahsRight.com has added and updated salary data for many charter schools across the state. Users can now search or browse detailed compensation data for faculty and staff members at most charter schools in Utah http://utahsright.com/h_salaries.php Check back daily for the most recent updates. Paradigm High School and Ranches Academy will be added next.

Updated Professional Licensing Citations

12 04 2011

A dentist in Bicknell, Utah had his license revoked when he issued false prescriptions to himself, family members and staff. An armed security guard lost his license due to a mental health condition. A construction contractor in Salt Lake County has various probationary conditions on his license for delinquent taxes. Go to http://extras.sltrib.com/DOPL_search/ to find licensing actions and disciplinary sanctions taken against individuals working in over 100 licensed professions in Utah since 2009. From physicians to cosmetologists, veterinarians to armed security guards–all searchable by profession type, company, city, or name.

GRAMA Working Group Meets Tomorrow

12 04 2011

The GRAMA Working Group will meet for the third time at 9 a.m., Wednesday, April 13 at the Senate Building, Room 210. The group is expected to address a series of policy questions listed here: http://www.gramarevisited.com/category/policy-questions For comprehensive GRAMA Working Group & HB477 news, visit http://utahsright.com/h_grama.php

GRAMA Working Group; Meeting #3

5 04 2011

In anticipation of the GRAMA Working Group’s third meeting scheduled for Wednesday, April 6, 2011 at 9 a.m., a new website was created where users can review policy questions and stream live video of the proceedings. Find links to GRAMArevisited.com and other GRAMA and HB477 related news at http://www.utahsright.com/h_grama.php