GRAMA Subcommittee Meeting Today

31 05 2011

The GRAMA Subcommittee Group for Statutory Definitions will meet today at 1 p.m. at the Senate conference room in the State Capitol Building. Find audio for this meeting and other archived GRAMA subcommittee meeting’s here >>
The group expects to discuss the current definition of a “record” and how newer forms of communication be treated for purposes of statutory definition. The GRAMA Working Group will reconvene June 22, 2011 at 9 a.m with live video streaming here >>

Many new public salaries include other compensation data

26 05 2011

With the continued aim of delivering public information Utahns have a right to know, recent updates to UtahsRight’s Public Salaries database include the addition of several other pay types that go beyond base salary, providing users with more detailed information on how tax dollars are spent in the public sector [ ]. School districts from across the state are being updated daily. Recent updates include Granite, Jordan, Canyons, Salt Lake, Davis, Weber and Park City schools. Murray School District is coming soon.
The state of Utah was last updated in December 2010 and includes base pay, benefits, paid leave, overtime, incentives, reimbursements and other miscellaneous earnings from the 2010 fiscal year. Users can view a detailed breakdown of pay for each employee by clicking on the employee’s name to view their profile.
Users can determine actual pay by excluding reimbursements, employee benefits, meal allowances, and compensatory/excess time earned.

Missing Utahn

19 05 2011

Elizabeth Simonson, 16, went missing March 31, 2011 and may be heading toward Idaho or Nevada. has included Simonson’s profile in our Missing Persons database > She wears glasses and has pierced ears. Contact Provo Police with any information 801.852.6210

Utah’s big political donors have friends in high places

11 05 2011

Corporations, PACs and key individuals are big Utah political donors, a new Tribune analysis finds. Story > Top individual donors > Top contributing organizations >

Watch GRAMA Working Group Live

11 05 2011

Watch the GRAMA Working Group discuss subcommittee findings live: Get more details on each subcommittee here: Next GRAMA meeting is slated for May 25, 2011.

Most Disciplinary Actions Against Nurse’s Since 2009

9 05 2011

The Utah Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing’s monthly list of sanctions against licensed Utah professionals shows more new disciplinary orders for registered nurses in April 2011 than any month since June 2009. Search disciplinary records against licensed professionals in nursing, cosmetology, dentistry and more with’s DOPL database