Many new public salaries include other compensation data

26 05 2011

With the continued aim of delivering public information Utahns have a right to know, recent updates to UtahsRight’s Public Salaries database include the addition of several other pay types that go beyond base salary, providing users with more detailed information on how tax dollars are spent in the public sector [ ]. School districts from across the state are being updated daily. Recent updates include Granite, Jordan, Canyons, Salt Lake, Davis, Weber and Park City schools. Murray School District is coming soon.
The state of Utah was last updated in December 2010 and includes base pay, benefits, paid leave, overtime, incentives, reimbursements and other miscellaneous earnings from the 2010 fiscal year. Users can view a detailed breakdown of pay for each employee by clicking on the employee’s name to view their profile.
Users can determine actual pay by excluding reimbursements, employee benefits, meal allowances, and compensatory/excess time earned.




10 responses

5 07 2011

How often will salaries be updated? Or when is the next update?

3 08 2011

Salaries are updated every fiscal year as data rolls in. The 2011 fiscal year data is just starting to become available now, and all salaries will be updated as soon as we can verify their accuracy.

29 07 2011

In your second sentence, ‘school districts’ should NOT have an apostrophe. In this sentence, district is plural, NOT possessive.

– a school teacher

3 11 2011

when will summit county be updated. It has been since march of 2010

8 11 2011

I went to update Summit County’s information, and it appears they must have had an error when they submitted their salary information to the state, because the salaries that are coming up are too low to be accurate (the highest paid employee made just a couple thousand). I am trying to address this right now, and get it corrected, do you want me to email you when we get a resolution?
-Jessica Miller
Utah’s Right to Know

8 11 2011
shane sargent

If you have time, I work for Summit County and I just like checking it out when it is updated. Thanks

8 11 2011

For sure. I have an ongoing list of requests, so I’ll just add your name to it. Thanks!

26 03 2012
Shane Sargent

I noticed the 1st page of Summit County employees have been updated, but the other pages are still the same as they have been in the past. Is it just going to take longer to update? Thanks

27 03 2012

Shane, I think that might be a caching issue with your web browser. Try it again today, if you are still seeing old numbers, email me:

11 12 2011

Are you going to post pay scales? This would allow us to compare what one city pays for a certain position to what others cities pay. For example a Police Officer for West Valley pay range compared to a Police Officer for Salt Lake City. Also what extra money can be earned through career ladder or shift differential…. I would also like to see items such as how much health care and other benefits cost at different cities. This would lets us compare the benefit package from one city to another.

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