Utah Divorce Rates

5 08 2011

If you’re looking for a single man, odds are good you’ll find one in Sunset.

With 20.4 percent of Sunset’s male population over 15 being divorced, the city’s rate ranks second highest in the state for communities with more than 1,000 male residents. That equates to about 376 residents.

The numbers were compiled by UtahsRight.com for a weekly series in The Salt Lake Tribune’s neighborhood sections highlighting information gleaned from public databases. Data for additional cities can be found at http://extras.sltrib.com/ACS_Web/.

Topping the list, according to statistics gathered from 2005-09 for the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, is Gunnison. The city, which is home to the state’s Central Utah Correctional Facility, has the highest divorce rate at just under 30 percent of the male population. That equals about 530 residents.

The average divorce rate for men statewide is 7.94 percent, or 77,291 divorced men.

Other cities with high-ranking divorce rates include South Salt Lake, with a rate of 15.4 percent or 1,450 men, and Draper, with a rate of 13.3 percent or 2,040 men.

The lowest divorce rate of communities with male populations over 1,000 was in Hyde Park, with only 0.41 percent of the male community reported as divorced, or five men. The second-lowest percentage was in Santa Clara, with 1.56 percent of men divorced, which is about 34 men.

Other cities with low divorce rates include South Jordan and Fruit Heights, both with 4.1 percent of men divorced. That equates to 680 divorced men in South Jordan and 79 in Fruit Heights.

The U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey is a monthly survey sent to a portion of the population to gather data that was previously only gathered every 10 years with the normal census.




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