A look at average police officer salaries in Salt Lake Valley

9 09 2011

When it comes to police officers, it pays to serve in Midvale – or pays the highest, anyway.

Police officers in Midvale earned an average of $56,691 a year in 2009, the highest average salary for officers in the Salt Lake Valley. Salary information for police officers in other cities are available at http://www.utahsright.com.

The salary numbers were compiled by UtahsRight.com for a weekly series in The Salt Lake Tribune’s neighborhood sections highlighting information gleaned from public databases.

Those police officers serving in North Salt Lake had the lowest average salaries in the Salt Lake Valley, making an average of $36,819 in 2009.

The numbers were garnered from individual city data that reflects salary information from 2009, the latest year where complete information was available for all cities. Updated salary information for later years are available for some cities and other public entities at UtahsRight.com.

In the 32 cities examined, ranging from as far north as Sunset and South Weber to the more southern cities of Draper and Herriman, police officers made an average of $47,706 in 2009.

Because some cities, such as Fruit Heights, South Weber and West Point, are under the jurisdiction of the Davis County Sheriff’s Office, the average deputy salary – $45,669 – was also used to obtain the overall average in the area.

Herriman, Riverton, Kearns, Magna, Holladay and White City are also under the jurisdiction of the Unified Police Department, who reported their officers making an average of $52,214 in 2009.

UtahsRight.com, the data website for the Salt Lake Tribune, conducts an ongoing statewide quest for salaries and additional compensation of public employees in all levels of government using public record requests, made under the state’s Government Records Access and Management Act, also known as GRAMA. Salary information has been compiled for entities including cities, counties, state government, and other agencies that use taxpayers money.




One response

11 12 2011

The problem with the pay scale is that it may not be followed. For example if you work for West Valley City, the pay scale states that they should be making a certain amount. In reality with no raises for 4 or 5 years, that is not what they make. it would be interesting to see what cities have done the last five years with salaries. What cities have given raises and who has not? What department heads have been given bonuses…..

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