Divorce Database and Criminal Charges Database updated

22 09 2011

Both the divorce database and the criminal charges database have been updated to reflect cases as recent as August 2011.

Divorce information can be found here: http://utahsright.com/h_divorce.php

The criminal charges databases can be found here: http://utahsright.com/h_charges.php

The criminal charges database contains over 800,000 records dating as far back as 1997, and includes all district court cases, except those that have been dismissed or expunged.

The divorce database contains over 150,000 records, and includes statewide divorces since 1997.

Both databases are searchable by name, and also can be browsed through in their entirety.




2 responses

1 01 2012
Kate Day

Why have some divorces and filings been deleted from the database?

3 01 2012

The only way a divorce should have been deleted is if it was ruled as an annulment, and changed in the court system. Do you have a specific case that you are concerned about? Email me at webmaster@utahsright.com and I can look into it.
Jessica Miller
Utah’s Right to Know

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