Where burglary and probationers live, by ZIP code

19 12 2011

More probationers and parolees who have committed burglary crimes live in the Weber County ZIP code 84401 than any other ZIP codes in the Salt Lake Valley.

The 84401 ZIP code, which includes parts of Ogden, Hooper, Marriott-Slaterville, Roy and West Haven, had 39 burglary probationers and parolees residing in the area during the third week of January 2011, according to data from the Utah Department of Corrections.

 The Salt Lake City and West Valley City area within the 84120 ZIP code had the second highest number of probationers and parolees residing in the area, with 21 offenders. Behind them, the 84116 ZIP code, which includes part of Salt Lake City, had 19 offenders residing in the area during that time frame.

The convicted offenses included all types of burglary crimes, including burglary of a dwelling, a building or a vehicle. The number of probationers and parolees does not include those who have absconded or are in a hospital or in a correctional facility for another offense.

The data was compiled by UtahsRight.com for a weekly series in The Salt Lake Tribune’s neighborhood section highlighting information gleaned from public databases. The purpose is not to provide analysis of the data, but rather to provide the raw information in public databases so the public can analyze the data for their own purposes.

Specific information about probationers and parolees, along with other public information data, is available at UtahsRight.com.

One ZIP code — 84119 — had no probationers or parolees convicted of burglary crimes registered as residing in the area. That ZIP code includes parts of Salt Lake City, South Salt Lake and West Valley City. The areas in ZIP codes 84092, 84014 and 84098 had only one offender living in their area. Those ZIP codes include the areas of Sandy, Alta, Snowbird, Centerville and Park City.

UtahsRight.com, the data website for The Salt Lake Tribune, conducts an ongoing statewide quest for district court information and other public information, including salaries of public employees and restaurant inspections, using public records request made under the state’s Government Records Access and Management Act, also known as GRAMA.




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