New salary information available for some counties

27 03 2012

Many of the counties listed with Utah’s Right to Know haven’t been updated since 2008 or 2009. While we don’t have fiscal year 2011 numbers available yet for most counties, a majority of them have now been updated to reflect FY2010 numbers.

Those counties include:

Beaver County

Box Elder County

Cache County

Carbon County

Duchesne County

Emery County

Grand County

Iron County

Juab County

Morgan County

Piute County

Rich County

San Juan County

Sevier County

Summit County

Tooele County

Uintah County

Utah’s Right to Know’s database includes pay information provided by the individual entities to the State of Utah. About half of those entities have only recently submitted FY2010 data to the state. While some of the counties don’t have as recent of data available, we felt it would be beneficial to update our site with the most updated numbers as possible.

Several counties do have FY2011 numbers available. Those include Davis, Kane, Millard, Wasatch, Daggett, Washington, Salt Lake and Garfield counties.

Any of the counties can be found here: . All of our databases are searchable by name or can be browsed by entity.

Divorce database and criminal charges updated through February 2012

23 03 2012

New information for both the divorce database and the criminal charge database are now available on Utah’s Right to Know.

The criminal charges database is now nearing 800,000 available records, that are all searchable by name. The records now include all charges filed in district courts statewide from January 1997 to February 2012. That database can be found here.

Divorce records were also updated.  Just under 150,000 divorce records from January 1997 to February 2012 are now available on The database can be found here. 

Information for both of these databases are supplied by the Utah State Courts. As such, the database is provided “as is” and makes no representation, either expressed or implied, that all information is accurate. If you have any questions or concerns about the data, leave a comment below, or email

Top 10 highest paid employees

15 03 2012

Looking for a high-paying job in the public sector? The University of Utah may be the right place, but you probably will need some advanced degrees to get there.

The top-ten highest paid employees in our public data from various tax-funded entities were all employed by the University of Utah for fiscal year 2011.

Their highest paid employee? Kyle Whittingham, football coach for the Utes. He had a gross compensation of $1,524,900 for fiscal year 2011. The other nine who made the list were listed in the academic department, with five professors, three associate professors, and one senior vice president.

Only one woman, Rebecka Meyers, was on the top-10 list. She had the ninth highest gross compensation, at $848,828 for fiscal year 2011. Gross compensation includes not only wages, but also benefits, bonuses, incentives, reimbursements, etc.

The top three, which include Whittingham and professors John Smith and Clough Shelton, all had a gross compensation over $1 million. Smith made $1,068,960, and Shelton had a gross compensation of $1,046,330.

Salary information for all public entities, including schools, government, cities and others are all searchable at You can search by name, by entity, or by position. Updates are always being made to the site, with fiscal year 2011 information being added as soon as it is becoming available to us. If you have any requests for salary data or other public information, let us know in the comments below!

University of Utah salaries updated at Utah’s Right to Know

8 03 2012

Salary information for the University of Utah has been updated to reflect fiscal year 2011 numbers. The university employed 30,443 people in the fiscal year, and the information can be found here:

The university employs the highest paid person in the state among public entities. Kyle Whittingham, football coach for the Utes, had a gross compensation of $1,524,900 in FY2011. Two other employees, John Smith and Clough Shelton, also hit the $1 million mark for compensation. Smith had a gross compensation of $1,068,960, while Shelton made $1,046,330 in the year. Both are listed as professors in the salary records.

The database is searchable by name or position title, and is listed from highest paid to lowest paid. Other public entities are available and searchable as well, include city, state and school district employees. Those can be found at .