University of Utah salaries updated at Utah’s Right to Know

8 03 2012

Salary information for the University of Utah has been updated to reflect fiscal year 2011 numbers. The university employed 30,443 people in the fiscal year, and the information can be found here:

The university employs the highest paid person in the state among public entities. Kyle Whittingham, football coach for the Utes, had a gross compensation of $1,524,900 in FY2011. Two other employees, John Smith and Clough Shelton, also hit the $1 million mark for compensation. Smith had a gross compensation of $1,068,960, while Shelton made $1,046,330 in the year. Both are listed as professors in the salary records.

The database is searchable by name or position title, and is listed from highest paid to lowest paid. Other public entities are available and searchable as well, include city, state and school district employees. Those can be found at .




4 responses

8 03 2012
Jeremy Hellstrom

Im an employee here at the U and I was surprised to see how much I am listed as being compensated. I WISH that’s how much I received in gross income. I don’t know where you guys pulled these figures, but for me and a few of my coworkers it is completely wrong for gross compensation.

8 03 2012

Hi Jeremy,
Your gross compensation includes not just your take-home pay, but also benefits paid on your behalf, bonuses, reimbursements, incentives, etc. Many employees who I talk with often don’t realize all of those things are bundled into that larger number. Is this the case for you? If it’s not, shoot me an email and I’ll see if I can get things straightened out. We want to have the most accurate numbers as possible.
Jessica Miller

1 05 2012
Bliss Point

I with Jeremy here (post above). I’m listed as making $28,000 (UofU employee). My W2 for 2011 was a little over $17,000. Bundle whatever benefits you want into the gross compensation, but it’s an extreme misrepresentation of what people actually make. The numbers reported look like the numbers the HR department makes up to try to make us feel better about how little we actually make.

18 05 2012

As we have explained here and on the salary page, the gross compensation is the the total of wages paid to the employee, and benefits paid on behalf of the employee (health insurancce, retirement, etc.) You can click on your name and see the breakdown between wages and benefits. If you believe your listing is in error, contact us at or 801-448-6106.

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