Top 10 highest paid employees

15 03 2012

Looking for a high-paying job in the public sector? The University of Utah may be the right place, but you probably will need some advanced degrees to get there.

The top-ten highest paid employees in our public data from various tax-funded entities were all employed by the University of Utah for fiscal year 2011.

Their highest paid employee? Kyle Whittingham, football coach for the Utes. He had a gross compensation of $1,524,900 for fiscal year 2011. The other nine who made the list were listed in the academic department, with five professors, three associate professors, and one senior vice president.

Only one woman, Rebecka Meyers, was on the top-10 list. She had the ninth highest gross compensation, at $848,828 for fiscal year 2011. Gross compensation includes not only wages, but also benefits, bonuses, incentives, reimbursements, etc.

The top three, which include Whittingham and professors John Smith and Clough Shelton, all had a gross compensation over $1 million. Smith made $1,068,960, and Shelton had a gross compensation of $1,046,330.

Salary information for all public entities, including schools, government, cities and others are all searchable at You can search by name, by entity, or by position. Updates are always being made to the site, with fiscal year 2011 information being added as soon as it is becoming available to us. If you have any requests for salary data or other public information, let us know in the comments below!




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