Legislative salaries updated

31 05 2012

We’ve updated the salaries for the Utah Senate, House of Representatives, Legislative Auditor, Legislative Fiscal Analyst, Legislative Printing and Legislative Research and Counsel.




6 responses

8 06 2012
Matt Brown

You guys rock!

11 09 2012
Devin D

Uh…so where do I click to see the salary database. Your design is very poor, or I might be an idiot. I think it is a combination of both.

11 09 2012

If you go to the top of the main page, you will see a link to Salaries on the top row, right near the Home button.

20 09 2012

looks like the link is not working….?

5 11 2012

I’m with Devin D – I can’t find the link on the top row near the home button. I have tried viewing this from both Internet Explorer and Firefox. I see Recent Posts – Legislative salaries updated, but it just brings me to this page.

5 11 2012

This is the link to the main page for the salaries. http://utahsright.com/h_salaries.php. If you go there, you can use the pull-down menu to find the agencies you are looking for.

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