Utah disciplined 123 licensed professionals between November and February

13 03 2013

Since October 2008, the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing has disciplined 1,976 contractors, pharmacists, nurses, physicians and other licensed professionals.

The number represents an 123-person increase since November. The disciplinary actions are announced monthly by the division.

Contractors, including licensed plumbers and electricians, were largest group receiving sanctions from the state, with 858 — 43.4 percent — receiving some form of discipline from the state. The discipline ranged from losing a license to probation and warnings.

The violations they were cited for included not having a qualified person to perform work, financial problems, unprofessional conduct and working without a license.

The next largest group to be sanctioned were nurses, which includes registered, licensed practical and advanced practice nurses. They represented 13.8 percent of those listed on the database.

The list also includes 139 pharmacies or pharmacists, 88 physicians, 80 cosmetologists or barbers, 77 massage therapists and hundreds of other professionals including certified public accountants, burglar alarm sales agents, social workers and security guards.

The database is posted on Utahsright.com, and can be searched by name, company, profession or city.